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Signorello Estate

Known for estate grown Cabernet Sauvignon, Signorello Estate is a small family owned boutique winery that has been producing small lots of high quality wines since 1985. The winemakers at Signorello Estate employ the "Vigneron" style of winemaking, used in the Burgundy region of France, which ensures that the winemaker and the winemaking process is at the heart of every bottling...taking part in each step, from the careful selection of grapes in the vineyard to the blending of the wine in the bottle.

Signorello Estate makes limited quantities of premium varietals that blend classic French wine making characteristics with California fruit. Signorello wine is characterized by lush, concentrated fruit flavors, and good acid balance. The goal is to have wines with early accessibility, as well as the potential to develop additional complexity as they mature.


4500 Silverado Trail
Napa CA 94558

Phone: 707-255-5990

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