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Thursday, December 5, 2013
Repeal Day in the Napa Valley

December 5 marks the 80th anniversary since the end of a dark time we call Prohibition in the U.S. While this was a time that impacted the Napa Valley, during this 13-year stretch many creative wine makers and growers found ways to turn a dollar with their seemingly worthless crops.

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Tags: wine, wineries, Prohibition, Napa, Napa Valley, Beaulieu Vineyards, Mondavi, Far Niente, Repeal Day

Wine Through History

As long ago as Biblical days, wine has held an important role in our society. In this post, we trace the significance and use of wine through history.

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By Jan Shrem
Tags: wine, history, Bible, health

Napa Makes Green Look Easy

If it seems like everything from produce to politics has “gone green” recently, it’s probably because it has. Thanks to a heightened awareness of human impact on the environment, more and more people have turned to sustainable practices that use the earth’s resources more efficiently. Napa is no exception.

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By Kayla Ruben
Tags: biodynamic, environment, sustainability

Castles, Palaces and Chateaus, Oh My!

Most visitors to Napa come to the region expecting to see the quintessentially beautiful wineries for which the valley is famous. But amid the ubiquitous vineyards and sprawling wine estates, the region is also home to lush castles, elegant palaces, and genuine chateaus exotic enough to make even the most routine visit to Napa Valley feel like a visit to another place and time.

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By Kayla Ruben

Modern Innovations

While some of the finest wineries in Napa were designed and built by famous architects in honor of the region’s rich history, Napa Valley is also home to properties with cutting edge architecture. Wineries like Opus One, Quintessa, and CADE aren’t just innovating the winemaking process – they are also revolutionizing the ubiquitous wine estate image through their unique architecture. Part 3 in a series of 4 articles.

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By Kayla Ruben