Board of Directors

Chairman | Timothy Blackburn

Founding Chair | Darioush Khaledi
Proprietor, Darioush Winery

Timothy Blackburn

Darioush and Shahpar Khaledi

Michelle and Robin Baggett

Steven Stull

Secretary | Robin Baggett
Proprietor, Alpha Omega Winery

Treasurer | Steven Stull
President and Founder,
Advantage Capital Partners

Prescott Ashe and Shabnam Bhaskaran

Athena Blackburn

Prescott Ashe
Managing Director, Golden Gate Capital

Athena Blackburn

Antonio Castellucci
Founder, Home Realty Investments

Kathryn Walt Hall
Proprietor, HALL Wines

Antonio Castellucci with (from left) wife Rita and daughters Maria Nazario and Angela Longyear

Kathryn Walt Hall and Craig Hall with Claire Stull

Agustin Huneeus
Proprietor, Quintessa

Larry Maguire
President, Far Niente Winery

Agustin and Valeria Huneeus

Larry and Karen Maguire

Margrit Mondavi and Darioush Khaledi

Maggie and Stephen Oetgen

Margrit Biever Mondavi
In Memoriam

Maggie Oetgen
Arts Patron

David Pearson
CEO, Opus One

Sabrina Weyeneth Persson
Proprietor, Hess Family Wine Estates

David Pearson

Sabrina and Tim Persson

Michael Polenske

Dario Sattui and Irina Yartseva

Michael Polenske
Chairman and Founder, Bespoke Collection and Blackbird Vineyards

Dario Sattui
Proprietor, V. Sattui and Castello di Amorosa

W. Clarke Swanson
Proprietor, Swanson Family Estate

Roger O. Walther
Chairman, Tusker Corporation

Clarke Swanson

Anne and Roger Walther